MUTEK is a renowned electronic music and digital arts festival that takes place annually in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2000 by Alain Mongeau, the festival has become a central platform for showcasing cutting-edge electronic music and digital art from around the world. In addition to the annual five-day event in Montreal, MUTEK also hosts international versions of its festival in various locations around the world, including Mexico City, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia.

One of the key features of MUTEK is its focus on innovation and experimentation within the electronic music and digital arts scenes. The festival features a diverse lineup of artists, including established and up-and-coming performers from a wide range of genres, as well as workshops, talks, and other educational programming. In addition to live performances, MUTEK also showcases immersive installations and interactive exhibits, providing a unique and interactive experience for attendees.

Throughout its history, MUTEK has become known for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music and digital arts, and for its role in fostering collaboration and innovation within these fields. The festival has attracted a dedicated and passionate community of artists, music lovers, and digital arts enthusiasts from around the world, and continues to be a leading destination for those interested in exploring the cutting edge of electronic music and digital art.

MUTEK is a highly respected and influential festival that has been taking place in Montreal since 2000. It is dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts, and has become a central platform for artists and enthusiasts in these fields to come together and experience the latest in music and art technology. Over the years, MUTEK has expanded beyond its Montreal roots, hosting events in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia, as well as showcasing the work of Western artists in China. The festival has also partnered with the digital arts festival Elektra to create the EM15 festival in Montreal. MUTEK continues to be a vital and innovative force in the electronic music and digital arts communities.