Discover the exciting program of workshops, immersive experiences, and international performances at the Bright Festival 2023, taking place from 28th to 30th April in Florence Italy.

Bright Festival, an Italy-based cultural event, is dedicated to fostering and promoting digital creativity through education and entertainment activities. Collaborating with leading companies, universities, and artists from around the globe, the festival provides a platform for creative minds to explore new trends, expand their skills, and engage with immersive experiences. Taking place from 28th to 30th April 2023, the event boasts a diverse program of workshops, lectures, masterclasses, and international performances.

The Social Hub: 28-29-30 April

The Social Hub will be a central component of the festival, featuring over 10 universities and training institutes, 22 speakers and certified experts, and 30 hours of meetings and studio sessions. Attendees can immerse themselves in three days of workshops, lectures, masterclasses, and demos in digital creativity, led by experts and certified trainers. Explore cutting-edge topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Graphic & Motion Design, 3D Animation, NFT & CryptoArt, Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Interactive Design, Multimedia Arts, and Experience Design.

Stazione Leopolda: 29-30 April

Taking place at Stazione Leopolda, the festival offers six entertainment areas with 24 hours of events, shows, and immersive experiences, including 32 international artists and creative studios and 16 digital, light, and sound installations. Experience digital artworks, interactive experiences, and shows designed by international design studios in the enchanting setting of a 19th-century railway station.

Night Show: Saturday, 29 April

The night show at Stazione Leopolda will feature musical performances by three international guests on the main stage, accompanied by a brand new digital art and lighting design project. The lineup includes Adana Twins (Germany), Kid Simius (Spain), Weg (Italy), and Markyz (Serbia).

Bright Festival Pro: 28-29-30 April

Bright Festival Pro, a section dedicated to professionals and cultural operators in digital and immersive art, offers a program of learning, networking, and special activities designed to showcase new technologies and opportunities in immersive art and multimedia exhibitions.


Bright Edu focuses on providing orientation and learning activities on new trends and professions in digital creativity. Studio sessions led by professors, artists, and experts from around the world will offer unconventional learning opportunities for students, professionals, and enthusiasts in visual design, music, art, new media, and entertainment technologies.


Bright Art is committed to promoting digital creativity through digital installations, immersive experiences, A/V performances, and multimedia shows created by some of the best Italian and international studios operating in the visual, lighting, and interaction design sectors. Past editions have hosted renowned international digital artists, enabling visitors of all ages to experience new technologies and immersive installations.


Bright Music promotes electronic music culture by hosting performances, live shows, and DJ sets from major international players, supported by emerging professional figures from the world of entertainment, including 3D designers, set designers, and lighting designers.


The Bright Festival 2023, taking place from 28th to 30th April, offers a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with digital creativity, learn from industry experts, and experience immersive art installations and performances. With its diverse program and commitment to fostering innovation, the festival is an unmissable event for anyone interested in digital art, multimedia experiences, and electronic music.