Explore the dynamic features of TextMachine 3D and learn how it empowers visual artists and VJs to create captivating live and pre-production content.

TextMachine 3D is a versatile software designed specifically for visual artists and VJs, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to create dynamic live and pre-production content. From real-time text rendering and 3D model manipulation to architectural projection mapping and network control for multi-computer stage setups, TextMachine 3D has it all. In this article, we will explore the features and functionalities of this powerful software that makes it an essential tool for any visual artist or VJ.

Text Control and 3D Models

TextMachine 3D allows users to input and render words and sentences in real time or load text from file. It supports all fonts installed on a user’s PC and provides font search, preview, and fast-click symbol output. The software also enables real-time 3D text generation and 3D model import (3DS and X-files), allowing users to manipulate their position, rotation, and size.

Particle Generators and Images, Video Loops, Flash Movies

With TextMachine 3D, users can create particles from text, video loops, and 3D models. The software enables control over particle life, position, and size, and allows users to set up particle generator presets for later use. Furthermore, TextMachine 3D supports various formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, and FLV, enabling users to render video textures on 3D models and text.

Real-time Video Capture and Architectural Projection Mapping

The software allows real-time video capture and manipulation from capture devices or webcams. It also features architectural projection mapping, enabling users to map TextMachine 3D output and external sources onto custom projection surfaces like buildings, room corners, and cylindrical screens. The mapping design occurs in real-time, with keyframe technology for animating projection maps and masks.

Multi HD Output and Network Control

TextMachine 3D supports multi-screen output for panorama projections or video walls, with manual output size definition for wide or custom-sized screens. It also enables network control of multi-computer stage setups, allowing multiple instances of TextMachine 3D to be controlled simultaneously from a server instance.

FreeFrame and Native Effects

Users can load their favorite FreeFrame plug-ins and control up to 8 FreeFrame effect parameters. Additionally, they can add unlimited effects using their own effect textures and utilize built-in feedback algorithms for blurs, trails, and smear effects.

Parameter Animation, Audio Input, and MIDI/DMX Control

TextMachine 3D offers manual parameter animation and beat synchronization functionality, with motion paths for moving 3D models and text. It also features a 10-band audio spectrum analyzer and supports MIDI/DMX control through an easy-to-use MIDI learn mode.

Presets, Playlists, and Recording

Users can manage and preview presets, compose playlists, and define cues for timed playback. The software also allows recording of output to AVI or numbered JPG frame sequences, as well as taking screenshots.

System Requirements

TextMachine 3D is compatible with Windows operating systems (XP or later) and requires DirectX 8 or later, Adobe Flash 10 or later, a recent laptop or personal computer, a minimum of 512 MB RAM (1024 MB recommended), and a 3D accelerated graphic card with at least 64 MB memory.


TextMachine 3D is an invaluable tool for visual artists and VJs, offering a wide range of features and capabilities to create stunning live and pre-production content. With real-time text control, 3D model manipulation, architectural

projection mapping, multi HD output, and much more, the software allows users to push the boundaries of creativity and captivate their audiences. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tutorials available on the TextMachine 3D YouTube channel make it accessible for both beginners and experienced professionals alike.

Whether you are a visual artist or VJ looking to enhance your live performances or create mesmerizing pre-production content, TextMachine 3D is the ultimate solution. Download the full version of TextMachine 3D V10 R-2015 today (watermarked, user manual included) and unlock the potential of this powerful software to elevate your visuals and captivate your audience.