Videopong is a community that is dedicated to expanding and connecting the world of VJs, content creators, and video artists. It is a hub where users can share not only video clips, but also everything behind the visuals, including source code, interactive patches, executables, and more. Through Videopong, users can access and remix clips from thousands of video artists, upload their own clips with various licensing options, including Creative Commons, and use the custom online Onyx Online VJ Mixer for inspiration. Videopong also offers a portable hardware server for festivals and events that provides all the functionality of the website.

Getting started with Videopong is easy. Users are free to browse everything that the platform has to offer, and to start downloading other people’s clips, users just need to open an account and upload at least three of their own. Videopong is a nonprofit, ad-free community that is supported by a team of contributors and partners, and is funded by donations from individuals and cultural-funding organizations.

One unique feature of Videopong is the ability to follow clip remixes. In the bottom right-hand corner of a clip page, users can see a tree of all of a clip’s remixes and either remix other people’s clips or watch them remix their own. Videopong also has an online VJ Mixer built right into the webpage under the “Tools” tab, where users can experiment with all of the clips on the platform. In addition to the online VJ Mixer, Videopong also regularly holds contests for users to remix or develop videos and code, with great prizes such as licenses to popular VJ apps and hardware.

As of 2016, Videopong has already gained a following of over 1700 active VJs and video artists from more than 80 countries, with over 20,000 uploaded clips and 3 million clip views leading to 150,000 downloads. The platform is constantly evolving and is already working on the next steps in its development.

Videopong is a unique and innovative community for VJs, content creators, and video artists to share, remix, and perform visual media. It offers a wealth of resources and opportunities for users to connect with and learn from each other, and to explore the creative possibilities of technology and media. Whether you are just getting started in the world of VJing or are an experienced artist looking for new inspiration, Videopong is a valuable resource that is worth checking out.

Videopong is a community that is supported by a team of contributors and partners. The Swiss Department for Culture provided financial support to Videopong from 2009 to 2011, and the Shift Festival also provided financial support in 2008. The Swiss VJ Union, Videokultur, provided project support to the platform.

In terms of project development, Bildstörung Live VJs and Onyx-VJ contributed to the development of the online VJ tool, and Undef created the old Videopong logo and generative tree. Will Copps provided text editing services, and Bruce Lane, also known as Batchass, served as the Actionscript developer and live performer for Videopong.

In addition to these contributors, Videopong has also received support from various VJ software companies, including Resolume, Livid Instruments, CoGe, Vidvox, Blendy Dome VJ, Fulldome UK, and TenTon Raygun. These companies have provided contest prizes and even developed specific tools and software for use on the Videopong platform.

The team of contributors and partners behind Videopong have played a significant role in the development and success of the community. They have provided financial support, project development, and valuable resources such as VJ software and tools to help users connect and create.