VDMX, developed by VIDVOX, is a state-of-the-art VJ software designed to provide seamless integration, scalability, and a multitude of features for live visual performance. With built-in audio reactivity, support for various programming languages, and wireless remote control capabilities, VDMX elevates the live visuals industry. This comprehensive guide will explore VDMX’s features, system requirements, and real-life applications.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

No two projects are the same; big or small, VDMX is designed to adapt to the unique requirements of each project, ensuring a smooth workflow by seamlessly integrating with your favorite performance applications. This flexibility allows VDMX to work alongside other software tools, enhancing your performance setup and workflow.

Audio-Reactive Visuals

VDMX’s built-in audio analyzer allows you to sync your video effects with live audio effortlessly. It intelligently translates sound into light and movement, offering selectivity for volume, frequency, and instrument. This feature enables your audience to feel your performance in addition to seeing it. With VDMX, you can create immersive audiovisual experiences that captivate your audience.

Coding Support

For those who love using code to create custom graphics and effects, VDMX offers full integration for programming languages such as Quartz Composer, Vuo, and GLSL. This support allows you to develop the most sophisticated effects and incorporate them into your live visuals. VDMX empowers you to push the boundaries of creativity and bring your visual concepts to life.

Wireless Remote Control

VDMX’s set-and-play remote controls enable you to operate your effects wirelessly from an iPad or MIDI controller. This functionality allows you to focus on the performance without being glued to your computer screen. With VDMX, you can engage with your audience and become an integral part of the live experience.

VDMX in Action

Various artists have used VDMX for their live visual performances, showcasing the software’s versatility and powerful capabilities. Some notable examples include:

  1. CandyStations live visuals for Sufjan Stevens
  2. Eclectic Method’s Doctor Who Remix Trailer
  3. Momo The Monster visuals for Glitch Mob
  4. CSTNG-SHDWS Edison “Shadowtime” Video
  5. Nicholas Gould for Death Cab For Cutie’s “You Are a Tourist” Video
  6. Joakim Faxvaag’s visuals for Phoenix
  7. WeirdCore’s visuals for Aphex Twin
  8. Memo Atken’s “Amoeba Dance”

System Requirements

To run VDMX, your system must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Mac computer with an Intel processor
  2. Mac OS X 10.13 or later

For optimal performance, the following system specifications are recommended:

  1. NVIDIA or ATI Graphics Card
  2. 4+ GB of RAM

Feature Overview

VDMX offers an extensive range of features for rendering and output, mixing and composition, visual effects, connectivity and automation, and media playback. These features allow for working with any number of layers at a time, support for multiple graphics cards, geometry adjustment, color correction, and support for various media types.

Rendering and Output

VDMX provides several options for rendering and outputting your live visuals, including:

  1. Working with any number of layers at a time
  2. Perspective warp correction for projection onto angled surfaces
  3. Displaying your final output fullscreen across one or more monitors
  4. Support for multiple graphics cards
  5. Recording any video stream directly to disk as a QuickTime movie or PNG image
  6. Working with high-quality input and output connections, such as HDMI and HD
  7. SDI, from Blackmagic Design hardware 7. Sending and receiving video streams with NewTek’s NDI protocol
  8. Outputting individual video layers to other applications via Syphon
  9. Outputting video over DMX/ArtNet

Mixing and Composition

VDMX’s mixing and composition features allow for precise control over each layer, giving you the ability to create stunning visual effects:

  1. Per layer blend mode, crop, perspective correction, and opacity controls
  2. Ability to group layers for applying compound effects
  3. Support for alpha channels
  4. Over 20 blend modes and transition styles
  5. Custom blend modes and transitions with Quartz Composer and GLSL Shaders

Visual Effects

VDMX supports various plugin formats and provides numerous tools for creating custom visual effects:

  1. Support for GLSL, CoreImage, Quartz Composer, FreeFrame, and FreeFrameGL plugin formats
  2. Preview layers before or after effects are applied
  3. Quickly save and restore effects presets
  4. Geometry adjustment and rotation
  5. Color adjustment, blurs, and sharpen
  6. Chroma and luminosity keying filters for creating layer masks
  7. Dozens of stylize, tiling, and distortion effects
  8. Custom categories for organizing effects

Connectivity and Automation

VDMX offers seamless connectivity and automation for MIDI and OSC controllers, as well as support for DMX universes over ArtNet:

  1. Connect to any standard MIDI and OSC enabled controller
  2. Automatic BPM detection from an audio signal powered by Wavesum
  3. Functions as both a media server and lighting console with support for sending and receiving DMX universes over ArtNet
  4. Access to virtually every playback option, including triggering media files and restoring presets
  5. Send and receive MIDI and OSC between computers, iOS devices, tablets, and local applications
  6. Publish parameters and browse remote properties of other software with OSCQuery
  7. Sync timecode with other systems via LTC and MTC protocols
  8. Automate controls using audio analysis, oscillators, bezier paths, and other data sources
  9. Create custom data-source plugins with Quartz Composer

Media Playback

VDMX provides extensive support for media playback and control, ensuring smooth and efficient performances:

  1. Adjust movie parameters such as rate, volume, loop-mode, and time
  2. Native support for the open-source GPU accelerated “Hap” video codecs for highly optimized movie playback
  3. Support for “HAP Alpha” and other movie formats with embedded alpha channels
  4. Native support for Synopsis metadata tracks
  5. Load interactive ISF-based GLSL shaders
  6. Access to published parameters of Quartz Composer, CoreImage, Vuo, ISF, Flash, and FreeFrame plugins
  7. Render and animate text files with included or custom-made styles
  8. Specify resolution and frame rate of generator plugins
  9. Receive video from other applications via Syphon and “Window Grabber” sources
  10. Work with any number of live cameras and capture cards
  11. Efficient, low-latency HD video capture with devices from Blackmagic Design

Supported Media Types

VDMX supports various media types, allowing for greater flexibility in your live visual performances:

  1. Movies (.mov) including HAP, HAP Alpha, HAP Q, and HAP Q Alpha encoded files
  2. ISF / GLSL
  3. Quartz Composer Compositions
  4. Live cameras and capture cards
  5. CoreImage Generators
  6. FreeFrame and FreeFrameGL
  7. Vuo Compositions
  8. Images and GIFs
  9. Flash
  10. Text
  11. HTML


VDMX is a powerful, feature-rich VJ software designed to meet the diverse needs of live visual performers and artists. With its seamless integration, scalability, and an extensive range of features, VDMX has become the go-to software for creating immersive and captivating live visuals. The flexibility to work with various media types, plugin formats, and coding languages, combined with wireless remote control capabilities, makes VDMX the ultimate choice for visual artists looking to push the boundaries of their creative visions.

In addition to its impressive feature set, VDMX has been used by renowned artists worldwide, showcasing its versatility and power in delivering outstanding visual performances. Whether you’re an experienced VJ or just starting, VDMX offers the tools and support you need to bring your live visual concepts to life.


VIDVOX, LLC is a privately held, independent Mac software company based in the capital region of New York. Founded in 1998, the company focuses on making outstanding tools for visual artists and performers around the world to realize their creative visions.