Mapping Festival 2023, a highly anticipated event celebrated for its innovative blend of art and technology, is scheduled to commence from Thursday, May 18th and extend till Sunday, May 28th. This year, the festival is shining a spotlight on low tech art, a testament to the creative potential of salvaged materials and human energy. Hosted at the Jardin des Nations, this outdoor spectacle promises to captivate audiences with its unique, environmentally-conscious performances.

This year’s festival endeavors to minimize its carbon footprint, aligning its theme with practices that respect and protect our environment. In this spirit, the musical stage, crafted from local wood in collaboration with community organization La Barje, exemplifies the festival’s commitment to sustainability.

One of the festival’s highlights is the Salle de Sonance, an immersive sound space conceptualized by Alican Okan and built by the MelUsine collective using reclaimed wood from the site. Okan, a composer and sound artist hailing from Istanbul, is celebrated for his ingenuity in crafting instruments from recycled materials. The MelUsine collective, on the other hand, seeks to empower individuals with shared skills and services, fostering a sense of community.

The festival also serves as a platform for Geneva-based artist Thierry Anderegg, who will display his exceptional sculptures, “The Fitness Monster” and “La Macchina Infernale”. These pieces, animated by human strength, mirror the quirky, humorous style of Swiss artist Tinguely, incorporating elements of science fiction to engage audiences in a captivating ballet of movement, sound, and light.

Another unique feature is an electro-solar concert by DJ Nøs and Antoine Meissonnier. DJ Nøs will operate a bicycle-cargo-sound system powered by photovoltaic panels, while Antoine will project light objects in synchrony with the music. This collaborative performance promises to be a sensory feast, combining Antoine’s textured visuals with Nøs’ contemplative sounds.

Acclaimed artist Oilhack will grace the festival with a live performance, using his world-renowned oils to create a vibrant spectacle of color. In contrast, Troffea Bahn is set to transport attendees on a psychedelic journey with his acid techno DJ sets.

A special feature for children includes an interactive upcycling workshop called “Joue à ton rythme” that encourages participants to create their own instruments from everyday objects. Furthermore, in a collaboration with Out of the Box & Cap Loisirs, the festival will present “Triphonie”, an inclusive concert created by visual artists, amateur musicians, and professionals, with and without disabilities. This performance promises to provide a sensory experience that may hold surprises for audiences.

The festival concludes with the performance “Demystifying the Æther” by Félicien Goguey and Matthias Hurtl, a grand finale stemming from a five-day workshop exploring electromagnetic waves.

The Mapping Festival 2023 is not solely a platform for renowned artists but also encourages emerging creators to showcase their talent. To this end, a series of educational programs and workshops focusing on low tech tools and methods have been arranged. Artists like Alican Okan and Félicien Goguey will guide these sessions, allowing attendees to delve into the creative possibilities of low-tech art and its potential for environmental sustainability.

Critical discussions also hold significant importance at the festival. A series of round tables will provide a space for dialogue and debate, where artists, researchers, and the public can engage in discussions related to the intersection of technology, art, and society.

The 19th edition of the Mapping Festival is also proud to collaborate with HEAD-Geneva and ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne, fostering young creators and their innovative contributions to the technological and transdisciplinary arts scene.


The Mapping Festival 2023 aims to create an immersive, innovative, and engaging art experience while raising awareness about environmental sustainability. It’s an invitation to all to come and explore the limitless potential of creativity when it’s harmoniously combined with a commitment to our planet.