Mountain, a leading manufacturer of keyboards, has just unveiled their latest innovation: the DisplayPad. This new tool is designed to enhance the experience of video production and streamlining workflow for content creators.

The DisplayPad features 12 customizable LCD keys with 104×104 pixels each. These keys can be programmed to display animated GIFs, JPGs, or PNGs, providing users with a visual representation of their shortcuts and tools. This makes it easy for content creators to access and control their production software, such as OBS Studio, Twitch, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, without having to navigate through multiple menus or remember complicated keyboard shortcuts.

The DisplayPad is powered by a USB-C cable and comes with a customization software that allows users to create and save an unlimited number of macro profiles. This software makes it easy for content creators to quickly switch between different tasks, such as switching between camera angles, adjusting audio levels, or starting and stopping a stream. Additionally, the customization software allows users to import their own images and gifs to personalize the keys.

One of the unique features of the DisplayPad is that it is also a stand-alone device, making it easy to use it in addition to your keyboard, thus adding more functionality to your setup.

The DisplayPad is set to compete with other similar tools such as the StreamDeck and LoupeDeck, both of which have become popular among content creators for their ability to simplify and streamline the production process. However, The DisplayPad goes one step further with its customizable LCD keys, giving users a more intuitive and visually-appealing way to control their production software.

The DisplayPad is an exciting addition to the world of video production and streaming, offering content creators a powerful new tool to enhance their workflow and create even better content. The DisplayPad is available for purchase on their official website. With the DisplayPad, content creators can improve their production game and take the first step towards a professional stream setup.