Magewell, a leading manufacturer of video capture devices, has just announced the release of its new multi-input USB video capture device, the USB Fusion. This versatile capture card is designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries, such as live streaming, video production, and more.

The USB Fusion is equipped with two HDMI 1.4 inputs and a USB Type A webcam input. This allows users to easily switch between HD sources or combine two inputs into one output, with the ability to create picture-in-picture or side-by-side layouts. The buttons on the USB Fusion card enable switching between sources in full-screen mode or selecting a combined scene layout, giving users the flexibility to create professional-looking productions.

The USB Fusion also comes with a companion app for Android or iOS tablets, called USB Fusion. This app provides extended layout controls, allowing users to combine two or three input sources, add images, videos, presentations, audio, or handwritten notes, as well as create playlist for live streaming. This makes it easy for users to create professional-looking productions on the fly, without the need for complicated video editing software.

One of the standout features of the USB Fusion is its compatibility with various operating systems. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. This means that users can use it with the software and equipment they already have, making it a great addition to any existing setup.

Magewell has yet to announce the price of the USB Fusion, but it will be available in the coming weeks. The USB Fusion is a powerful and versatile device that is sure to become a must-have for professionals in the video production and live streaming industry. Its multi-input, picture-in-picture capabilities, and extended layout controls, combined with its compatibility across different OS, make it a valuable addition to any production setup.