AI Server, developed by Avolites, is a media server software designed specifically for large scale setups and permanent installations, offering an extensive range of features to control and manage shows. The latest version, AI Server v12, is now available, and users with Ai Anjuna, Bondi, or Miami licenses can request an upgrade through an online form.

The new version includes significant improvements and additions, such as a Media Transcoder, redesigned timeline, keyboard shortcuts, and an updated user interface. The Media Transcoder allows users to convert any footage into AiM Superstream, a codec specifically designed for AI Server. The redesigned timeline offers an easier way to edit and enter values, making it even more user-friendly.

AI Server v12 also includes direct shortcuts to the user manual and keyboard shortcut map, tailored to the specific page users are working on. The AiM codec has been extended to the latest Adobe software suite, making content creation seamless and efficient. The interface has undergone an extensive overhaul, with a focus on making the software easier to understand and operate.

Other notable features of AI Server v12 include projective keystone functionality for setting up projection surfaces, grid warp functionality for screen deformation, BPM Sync for synchronizing videos to a beat, Spout and 8 HDSDI inputs for increased professional video inputs, integration with Notch for real-time shows, and support for NewTek’s NDI (Network Device Interface) for sending video data over Ethernet.

The latest version also offers Camera Based Warp and Blend, a revolutionary feature that allows users to configure large projection screens using a recommended webcam or Ethernet camera, along with custom software to automatically calculate warping and blending. The Output Configuration Page allows users to configure all parameters of their outputs using a unique UI tailored to the requirements of the Fixture Group.

AI Server v12 also introduces a Surface Modelling Page, which enables non-3D application users to create and edit 3D stage sets with ease. The Patch Editing Page allows novice to intermediate users to configure their shows without using the node-based environment, making it more accessible for users of varying skill levels.

Performance improvements in AI Server v12 include a 50% increase in video throughput using the AiM Superstream codec and enhanced performance for live compositing high-resolution background layers with low-resolution foreground layers. The new version also supports native HD SDI input and output, with options for up to 8 x 1080p 3G-SDI inputs, 8 x 1080p outputs, or 2 x 4k outputs on Ai R and RX series systems.

In conclusion, AI Server v12 is a powerful and versatile media server software that provides a comprehensive suite of features to control and manage shows in large scale setups and permanent installations. With its upgraded features, user-friendly interface, and improved performance, AI Server v12 is set to become an indispensable tool for professionals in the show technology industry.